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EZ CRANK is an innovative new system for handling trailers.  There are no bearings to deal with; the comfort of the smooth turning, when in use, is due to the bearing material used in the colored grip.  There is a solid aluminum shaft that is pressed into the crank handle tubing, and then it is roll pinned.  The grip, which covers the shaft, serves as the bearing.  The grip is held in place with a washer and snap ring.  If your crank handle isn't turning as freely as you would like, remove the snap ring and washer then wipe off the aluminum shaft and reinstall the washer and snap ring.  There is a rubber cap installed over the end to help prevent foreign material from getting inside the grip.  There's also colored ends for visibility and safety.

*Owned and operated by Brian and Danielle Herd

*Invented by Brian Herd, who also farms

*Facebook, Twitter

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